Our projects

Here are some examples of projects we have carried out.


Emended is an e-learning app we developed for FINNED OY, a Finnish e-learning startup company. Emended is an online tool for language teachers and instructors to give feedback to students on their courses by using a powerful templating system.

Emended was developed from scratch to replace and improve the customer’s previous product. In this project, Momocode was in charge of project management, implementation as well as deployment and maintenance of the product; this way the customer was able to focus on making marketing decisions and driving their product vision.

We used two-week development sprints with sprint change events at the beginning and end of each sprint. We also collaborated actively with the customer during the sprints by participating weekly team meetings and maintaining an online presence, in order to get early feedback on new features and provide immediate answers to any technical questions.

Technically the application is implemented with Node.js backend server, a frontend application based mainly on Angular.js and a relational database.

In addition to the primary frontend application, we created a business intelligence reporting tool using Vue.js, which is distributed as a desktop application using Electron.

We also created a development-oriented information site and blog for Emended that uses Jekyll to generate the website whenever a change is made to the repository with the pages and articles.

The Emended application is available at app.emended.com and the development website at dev.emended.com.

Awesome Icons

Awesome Icons is an icon manager utility for Android that enables one to customize icons on stock launchers. It is our most popular Android application with over 500,000 downloads, and it has been reviewed on many popular technology sites.

The application is available in Google Play.


GifWidget is a home screen customization application for Android. With GifWidget users can add animated gifs to their device’s home screen using widgets.

The application is available in Google Play; there are two versions: free and pro.


Minuut.io is a minimalistic, free-to-use time tracking application. The application was made primarily for internal use, but was also released to the public to benefit anyone looking for a simple time tracker.

Our main goal with developing the application was to achieve simplicity, in terms of its visual and functional design, its technical implementation as well as the deployment infrastructure.

The application is implemented using a Node.js back end server and Angular.js front end.

Minuut.io is available for anyone to use at minuut.io.