Simo Tukiainen Co-Founder

Software architect, development mentor, adept programmer

Simo is an experienced software architect and programmer with more than 20 years of history writing code for computers. He has MSc in Mathematics from University of Helsinki.


Programming expert

Is proficient in many languages and models of programming with a good understanding of the theory of computer science.

Possessing a mastery of a few programming languages with a working knowledge in a great many more helps Simo write great code. He also likes mentoring other programmers and conducting code reviews.

Software architect

Designs and implements robust systems, services and models for many platforms and frameworks.

As a seasoned developer, Simo knows that fully working code is still one rewrite away from finished.

*nix expert

Is experienced user of Unix-like operating systems, understands their main components and can write portable programs and scripts for them.

Simo has experience in various Linux distributions as well as in some BSD-flavours of systems and knows how to create and maintain a reliable environment.

Mathematics guru

Is aided in their work by the ability for abstract thinking and helps the team solve complex problems as well.

Simo is well versed in things algebraic, arithmetical, logical, analytical, topological, geometrical, statistical and trigonometrical as only a degree in pure mathematics can provide. Claims to find these skills useful in real life.


+358 400 688774